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Jumpstart the World - Catherine Ryan Hyde I would not classify this book as queer fiction because it's not about LGBT people. It's about using LGBT people as a prop to teach a heterosexual girl that being different is okay.Elle gets booted out of her home and into an apartment because her mother's new boo does not want her to be around. Elle meets neighbor Frank, crushes on neighbor Frank, freaks out when she discovers neighbor Frank is trans, learns some lessons, becomes a better person.Elle also does not want friends, at all!, yet she makes a solid group of friends that are outcasts because of their sexuality (and a birthmark, but this book didn't feel like fetishsizing birth defects, only sexuality and a man's trans identity.) She treats them rather cruely in the beginning, and they just take it. Ugh.Throughout the book Elle thinks, and vocalizes, a lot of hurtful things and only gets called on it once, by Molly, who then later apologizes for it. The book focused so much on Elle's pain and barely even touched on the hardships that Frank and everyone else had to go through.A completely unsatisfying read.