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The Wolf at His Door - Adrian Lilly 2.5 starsThings I liked: -Lucy and Geraldine, bless their hearts.-a werewolf story taken in a new direction, mystery and intrigue!-an enjoyable plot, I'm looking forward to the next book so I can see what happens.Things I didn't like:-chemistry between Jared and Alec? I didn't see any. -the writing was clunky. Short sentences that felt more like info dumping than telling a story.-oh gosh that cover. That poor, poor book cover.Despite all the good points this book has going for it, to me, it felt very unforgettable and not all that enjoyable to read. I wanted to like it, I really did, but there were a lot of little things that just got in the way of that. I found myself connecting more with the side characters and less with Alec and Jared. I'm hoping Lucy plays a bigger part, because I don't care much for her brother and his creepy boyfriend.