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Social Skills - Sara Alva I'd give this three stars if it weren't for one thing: Veronica. :(The first half of the book she's presented as the stereotypical 'skank'. The narrative paints her horribly, which is such a overdone and tasteless trope, especially in gay fiction. Then in the second half of the book she's going off the deep end and eventually sent off to the hospital for vague mental health related reasons. Which came out of nowhere, really, and I have no idea why the author felt the need to go in that direction. Perhaps it'd be more believable if Veronica was fleshed out or if the whole situation was handled with care and respect. But Veronica was a shallow character presented to the reader only to stand in the way of our two main guys. That's it. It's a shame, because Connor's growth (and even Jared's) was handled well. The type of dynamic they hold, the popular jock brining the shy guy out of his shell, is often done poorly, but Social Skills managed to do it much better than other stories I've read. But, then again, the whole Veronica situation just soured my experience with the story.