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Uglies (Uglies #1) - Scott Westerfeld 2.5/5Uglies was a book I heard about here and there and never got around to picking up until recently. It sounded like it was right up my alley but, after reading it, I'm really glad I didn't pick up the three book box set like I initially planned.I didn't find Tally all that interesting of a character, I certainly didn't feel attached to her or particularly invested in her troubles. She felt too much like a perfect heroine, in that she succeeds in everything she does without trying all that hard. The romance with her felt really forced and the book would have benefitted without it. Even when she messed up (most noticeable with her constant worrying over betraying the Smokies) she never faced any real repercussions. People forgave her and loved her because they were supposed to, because she was the main character, and it felt cheap to me as a reader.This book touched on serious subjects such as conforming and body image without any real depth. The author built this world with so much potential to critique our current society, yet went nowhere with it.The main pull when I started to read Uglies was Shay and Tally's friendship. Girls being awesome friends and rebelling against the norm? I'm totally here for that. Girls bickering and ruining their friendship over a guy? Not here for that. At all. It was so obvious to see what was going to happen once David was introduced to the reader and it's so boring. It's all too common to see girls in fiction squabbling over a guy and David's dismissal of Shay's feelings completely soured my any sort of sympathy I had towards him and his plight.In conclusion: Tally, you achieved a lot i this book without really doing anything. Shay, you deserve better. David, you're boring.