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John Dies at the End  - David Wong 3.5/5I like this book, but, I also don't like this book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading John Dies at the End. It's odd and darkly humorous with a lot of out there ideas. Every page was entertaining and I had a lot of laughs while reading it. Looking back on it, however, there's something that just bugs me and left a sour taste in my mouth as I was reading it.Perhaps this has more to do with the audience this book is for, but to me, it's clearly a book written by a guy for a guy. That is to say, female characters fit into one overused category and that's it. You have John and David, two irresponsible but very different guys, and then you have other characters such as Marconi or Morgan Freeman or Shitload or Arnie. They're all colourful and different with very distinct characteristics and goals. The girls, however, are either love interests (Jennifer Lopez and Amy) or a dog. ...That's it. You have a book with such a wide array of characters but it ends up turning into a giant accidental sausage fest.This happens a lot, and perhaps I'm unfairly taking it out on John and company here. It just bothers me that the most fleshed out female character in the book with growth and development was a dog, Molly. I really wish I was joking. Amy has some substance, she truly does and I was surprised when she appeared, but she's only relevant in the last fifth or so of the book and she ultimately boils down to being another damsel in distress for them to save. I enjoyed John Dies at the End but I was disappointed. It's my brand of humour, but, as a girl I just couldn't enjoy it completely because of the lack of complex female characters.