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After the End - Alex Kidwell And the award for most boringly perfect boyfriend goes to... Brady!Perfect love interests that swoop in and fix up everything do nothing for me. If a story is going to be centered around a relationship I expect a bit of give and take, love's a two way street and all. Brady and Quinn's romance is heavily unbalanced and boring. Brady is perfect in every single way and he comes in, fixes Quinn and they live happily ever after. Brady is successful, smart, good looking, patient and he does all the right things. He has no faults, none and because of that it makes his relationship with Quinn unbelievable. Also, Quinn was hung up on his dead partner for two years (understandable), but then he moves at lightning speed once he meets Brady. Sure, he had his hangups and guilt trips, but it was all dealt with so quickly and he accepted Brady into his life like they had been in love for years.Unrealistic. Boring. Predictable.