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Tempting Danger (Lupi Series #1)

Tempting Danger (Lupi Series #1) - This book has a slow start, that's for sure. A really slow start. I was about halfway through the novel before I finally started to connect with the characters and the story.My biggest complaint, however, is how the author went about world building. Despite dealing with common occurances in supernatural fiction (werewolves, empaths, etc.) everything was named different and there is a lot of new vocabulary in this book that is never quite explained. The werewolves (or, Lupi) have this whole language set up to describe things that don't really need special words for. There's no explanation as to where these words come from (and you'll be lucky to get an actual explanation for what those words are!) and I just found myself scratching my head throughout the book. It's sloppy.The whole "Chosen" thing felt gimmicky. I felt it didn't really bring anything to the story.But, I did grow to like the main cast. Mostly Lily, her grandmother and Cullen, but I grew quite fond of others by the end. The bad guys never felt like bad guys. I get there was a whole whodunit throughout the beginning, but I never got a clear view of just who was up to all those shenanigans.Overall, I'm going to continue on with the series because I want to see what direction the characters will go in, but I can't say I have high hopes.